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Recordings for Purchase

Click on the album art below to purchase downloads of that album

If you wish to purchase compact discs of Sidewalk Music or Reflections and Whimsies, you may do so directly from me - click on the "Buy Now" link to purchase that disc via Paypal.


Once you've purchased, please send me a note via my contact page with your shipping information and I'll ship the CD to you right away - thank you!

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(click photo to download high resolution images)

Frank Felice - silly grin


Frank Felice library stacks

Earthworks from "The Four


Dance Kaleidoscope

Shichi mata ha.....

Franz Glücklich,  piano

If Ever Two Were One

soprano and string quartet

Remembrance of Things Past

Dance Kaleidoscope

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Mitzi Westra, mezzo-soprano; Greg Martin, piano

The Empty Sky

Heidi Radtke, soprano saxophone

cold blue....
Frank Felice, guitar

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